National Library


Revitalising a children’s green library, “My Treehouse”, within The National Library in Singapore into an immersive and interactive eco-space where reading and playing generates positive outcomes.

As a Capstone industry project in SUTD, I worked with fellow team members, Chow Wong Chong, Grace Hong, Faizah Ja’affar and Janice Tan, to redesign the space and interactive elements for our industry partners, The National Library Board and City Developments Limited.

Our designs were implemented into the library in 2017 and were featured in Lianhe Zaobao, a Mandarin news company in Singapore (view the video below, English subtitles available).


Our intervention involved five key aspects:

  • Toddlers’ Area: Redesign of the reading and storytelling space
  • Trails: Introduction of routes and signs that guide patrons to various features
  • Cloudy Skies: Redesign of a digital display for weather and meteorological data
  • Experience Wall: Redesign of an interactive motion-based game and video wall
  • Root Railings: Introduction of sliding/movable shapes along rails for visual and haptic feedback

Check out the poster and demo videos below.

More details can be found in our report.

Poster for National Library Project
Poster for National Library Project

Samantha Chan
Samantha Chan
Postdoctoral Fellow

I create wearable, AI and digital interfaces to enhance human cognition and memory at the MIT Media Lab.